you’re just right for me

January 2013 came, and with it some wonderful things! Namely, my good friends Lindsey and Josh welcomed baby #2 on January 15, 2013!! Henry James Hughes! What a precious, sweet snuggler he is.

IMG_2998Evidence of Henry’s snuggliness.


January saw school going well. I taught in 2 different interim positions at Presbyterian Day School, an all-boys elementary school, since returning from UG in April 2012. Beginning in August ’12, I taught 5th grade Reading, which is to every 5th grader in the school. I then worked in the tech department for about 2 months, learned a lot, and jumped into 4th grade Language Arts right around Thanksgiving ’12. I stayed in that position until April ’13, which was only to 2 of the 4th grade sections. In both the 4th and 5th grade positions, I was also a homeroom teacher. This was great because it’s a quick way to get to know the boys!. Below you see the fun mail system we used in class to write notes in 4th, a sweet gift and note I was given. That cookie was superb, by the way. IMG_3020

February continued with thoughtful surprises from my students. I received more notes and gifts than I could count! I wish I had pictures to show you. As a Language Arts teacher, this valentine below was the Valentine of Valentines! It made my day and completely brought all the hard things about teaching into perspective. I love kids! They are perceptive and smart, and if you show them you care about them, more often than not, they will reciprocate in kind. I could not believe the time and thoughtfulness that went in to my student making this! His mom told me he googled it and did it all himself. But that still means he had to come up with the idea!


Needless to say, he has set the bar pretty high for all future students. He was definitely the write one for me!! 😉


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