Hilton Head

Jason kicked off 2013 by having to travel several weeks for work; in January, he went to St. Petersburg, and in February he was sent to Hilton Head. February is not the best time for a vacation on HHI, but it was definitely too much time apart, so time for me to go see him! I took advantage of a 3-day weekend, which happened to be Valentine’s Day as well. I was pumped that it worked out that way!

We had a great time! I walked on the beach while he was at work on Friday, although it was definitely cold and windy. I saw gigantic jellyfish all over the place, and the coolest piece of driftwood. I wanted to lug it home with me! Jason even got to fish one day that it wasn’t as freezing. He loves fishing, off the coast or deep-sea. IMG_3062 IMG_3060 IMG_3085We enjoyed the island’s restaurants and such a cool lighthouse. Jason is one to read everything at museums. 🙂

IMG_3151 IMG_3090IMG_3089IMG_3082 IMG_3079 IMG_3067IMG_3069 IMG_3087IMG_3101

Sushi one night. It’s all about the presentation!

This is the “must you take my picture right now” look. 🙂 I’ll admit, I was a bit camera happy. This pic is at restaurant we really enjoyed called Sam Sneads’  Oak Grill and Tavern in Savannah, GA. It’s right near the airport, so if you get the chance, definitely go. We had the most delicious bruschetta with goat cheese. And steak! But I’m a steak girl. IMG_3056

I was sad to leave Jason after just a few days and return to our empty house. But we had fun, and fortunately he came home a few weeks after that. All in all, such a great weekend!




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