Er’body needs a cousin!


In March, Jason and I were so happy to tell our families that I am pregnant!  At this point, we were thinking late October/early November as a due date.  Jason had to leave town one last week for work, and we were both so ready to wrap that up and have him home.

My birthday is March 15th, and Jason brought me this thoughtful gift from Hilton Head’s Janie & Jack outlet. I was so impressed and really loved the thoughtfulness! He chose giraffes because we fell in love with them in Uganda!

It’s so soft! It’s a winter heavy-duty sleeper for baby, a matching bib and matching socks. SOOOO soft!


SO- here’s how it happened. In the middle of March, my family had planned to rendezvous in Perdido Key because we haven’t taken a family vacation in probably a decade, and Leanne has very little time off working at a ranch in Colorado. While the ranch is awesome, we really miss her! She doesn’t have time to come home for Thanksgiving and has very little time at Christmas. But March seems to be more flexible, and miracle of miracles, those of us in or working at schools had matching spring breaks! That’s 4 different schools!

Jason and I were so excited/thrilled/amazed/happy/walking-in-a-fog that we were pregnant, and wanted some time to ourselves with it for a bit. Like I said, Jason had one more work week in Hilton Head, so he was gone and I especially wanted to cherish the time with him before we told people, even though at the same time I was dying to tell my family. We decided I’d tell my sibs at the beach because it’d be in person. We’d tell my parents right beforehand because Jason would also be there by then, and his parents right after because at the time they were out of town themselves. We were super bummed Jason couldn’t make it to Perdido because he had to work. He had just been out of town for about 7-8 weeks, including several weekends, and I knew he was exhausted. His company was bought by another company the year before and this is part of the many changes that go with that. I was just SO disappointed he wouldn’t be there. We rented a beach house that he would have loved, but I especially wanted him with me to tell my sibs we were pregnant!!

We had a great time in Perdido! I’ll soon post some pics from the week, but here’s one of my faves for now. I made the preggo announcement to my sibs with this cookie cake I had made at Publix!! I wrote out the calendar with a pen on a piece of paper, estimated my due date, and she scanned it on there for me. I thought it was fun, and wanted to see if they’d get it. Our baby would make 2 grandkids for my parents within 3-4 months of each other,  and both by Thanksgiving! I was so pumped about cousins, and DYING to just show them the cake already! I had to sneak to Publix in Mom’s car to pick it up and sneak it back in the house! Leanne was sleeping because she had just flown in from CO and was exhausted…it was raining…Dan was playing pool and we were all just kinda resting in their room. Finally, Leanne woke up, and eventually everyone migrated to the kitchen for lunch. I casually pulled it out and told them to all I had something I wanted them to see!

IMG_3215They got it pretty fast! I just remember Ali gasping right next to me, Val saying, “are you pregnant?” and looking at Leanne and her eyes getting big!!! Woo-hoo!!! We were all hugging, Dan was pumped…he told us when we found out about Val’s baby that he’s been wanting to be an uncle. Andrew couldn’t make it to Perdido so I called him right after. He said, “Well, well, well,” in his classic humor that makes him so easy to love. I have so much to be thankful for in my family.  I can’t get enough of my 5 sibs.

It says, “Ever’body needs a cousin!” I’m pretty sure I wrote “everybody” on my paper, but who knows. Ha! Er’body.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Jason and I are so thankful for this little life!


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